Today we versed a friend of mine but I didn’t know it was him until the end of the game, probably one of the funniest games of Dead by Daylight I have ever played…


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Hope you enjoyed!

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50 thoughts on “Getting Facecamped By A Triggered Streamer – Dead by Daylight

  1. i hate ardetha , he thinks he is a pro dbd player but he just posts his rare good matches , was nice seeing you kicking his as*

  2. When you camp, you’re just plain annoying tbh. I’m glad they realized they were facing each other in the end cuz I would’ve been PISSED 😂 I genuinely don’t understand people that camp, friends or not you don’t do it in my opinion cuz it makes the game not fun, it’s already messed up as it is tbh

  3. Hum… Well, this guy is a monkey who learn how to play Dead By Daylight, I think his screams aren't even humans screams, lmao

  4. this streamer is kind… salty… dammmnnnn i would like to know how he is, IRL. How his life look's like. Btw give 10 dollars to this poor dude, to buy a micro. ty

  5. Why would I ever check out his video? He’s toxic af from the start kf the game which his chat only seems to encourage. On top of that he had an earrape filter over the stream.

  6. i might be very rude so excuse me but who in sane will watch such a shity-content stream?
    didnt saw full version but dont even suppose to do it.
    ty for vid tho.
    Upd: after reading comment what this is only a regular joke by this streamer while he playing bubba I feel kinda weird. main question just “why”. but honestly I’d not start to watch this streams anyway. just opinion

  7. You should make a horrible class video what I mean is pick the worst 4 worst perks for you in the game and then try to win like 5-10 games in a row

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