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Important: Please dont ask for invite during weekdays. My Job timings are from 5:30pm to 2 am. I cant waste time on weekdays 🙂
If you spam invite, you will be unfriended!

My discord server:
My Discord Id: BablooTandoor#2626

Chat Rules:-

1. No disrespected towards anyone will be tolerated , after one warning, you will be instantly permanent banned from chat and hidden on chat forever.

2. No spamming will be tolerated, after two warning, a time out will be given to the user. if spamming is still continuing, then after another two warning, you will be banned for 1 week from chat.

3. No use of swear words on the chat, especially against girls and children on chat. Doing this will result in instant ban from chat without any warnings.

4. No one to stalk, harass, or disturb any girl/child on chat, doing so will result in an instant ban and hide from the chat.

5. If i miss the chat, do not worry, let me finish my game, wait for the game to end and then send your messages again, I will reply to them, do not spam chat miss again and again. Mods are there to reply on my behalf and to make sure i don’t miss any important chat from someone.

6. No hatred towards anyone on the basis of nationality, religion and beliefs. Everyone is entitled to their own views and ideas and trying to abuse them or troll them will not be tolerated. Doing so will result in instant ban and hide from the chat.

Nightbot Commads List:

!paytm, !donate – to donate to me on Paytm, Google Pay and Phone Pe
!age – My age
!about – a brief description about me
!discord – My discord link
!mouse – My mouse link to buy
!gpu – My gpu link to buy
!cpu – My cpu link to buy
!sens !mousesens !mouse sens: My in Game sensitivity.
!apexlegends – Latest Apex Legends Frag Video
!r6s – Latest Rainbow Six Siege Montage uploaded on the channel
!movielike: See the exclusive R6S playlist created by me.
!pc !specs !system !systemspecs: To see the mini information about my pc specs
!india: To see a fusion montage of PUBG Lite and R6S created by me
!undersiege: To view the full Undersiege Playlisyt
!nute: To see Nute Montage uploaded on Skipper’s channel created by me.
!fov !display !aspectratio !aspect ratio: To see the in game display settings

My Pc Settings:

144hz Monitor Acer Predator GN246
Gtx 1070TI
Ram 16gB
I5 8600 k

Mouse settings:
800 DPI
Logitech G304

source: https://fumceunice.org

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