25 thoughts on “How Capable is 130mm of Travel?? (Yeti SB130 Review)

  1. Own a Bronson V3. Love it for mountain gnar and bike parks. Ride it around some lesser local trails and it is fine. Just demoed the new Tallboy. It would be perfect for my local trails. Thinking of one to compliment my Bronson. You gotta throw a leg over one. Would be a great compliment to your Mega.

  2. Hey Alex I m looking to buy my first mountain bike and I live in the Santa Cruz area. I've been looking for an all mountain bike that could shred the trails but I could still take to a bike park. Do you think the 130 fits the bill or is the 140 a better call? Also veen looking at the Hightower and the ripmo. Any advice you could provide would be a huge help!

  3. I have the LR. version. Best all around bike I have ever ridden. For a long reach 29er, pretty damn nimble and playful. Climbs fantastic. Not a plow bike, but still pretty forgiving with the 160 fork. I agree with you that it is like. 5.5 (owned one of those too) but has a way better geo than the sb5.5.

  4. Your thoughts on the chainstay are 100% accurate. Currently on a Banshee prime with 445mm chainstays (Can be adjusted to 448mm in the low setting) and it feels perfect, especially on an XL.Your content is great, always learn a lot. Also proves you don't need 5k in camera equipment to make quality videos.

  5. Ok, so what I gathered from this video…this bike is perfect for 99% of us mere normal riders but for the .001% of you it's just ok, lol. If you can afford 4 bikes then cool..but for us "normal" riders even 1 of these Yeti's are crazy expensive.

  6. I've been going down in travel and I've landed at my stumpy evo 29 with 140mm rear on an ohlins coil and a 160 lyrik for enduro races and bike parks here in New England and it's been working great. Setting PRs on DH trails and at bike parks from when I had a 200mm bike. And I gotten myself on the podium twice this year. I agree with most people have too much travel

  7. For the next "qualified rider" segment….. I want to see your fisheyed 2003 skate video part… Maybe a crossword puzzle 🤘🏼

  8. Thanks for reviewing this at a perfect time. I was having a lot of trouble choosing between the 130 and 150. I keep going back an forth between the 2 and it messing with me. I'm a month away from purchasing one of these, so i'm going to re watch this a few times to let it sink in lol. I wouldn't mind seeing a review from you of the 150 tho as your reviews are really good.

  9. I think most people are looking for an XC bike with a little more travel. If you ride places with lifts you know more travel is going to feel better, but for a bike that is going to be doing just as much climbing as descending the "short" travel feels great. I bet a 130/130 bike feels better than most bikes on most trails.

  10. Your just fun to watch ride that’s why I like seeing footage. thanks for the shots too and hope you can get some more footage for us 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

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