Thinking of buying a Killarney whistle? In this tin whistle review I give you the close ups, details, pros and cons of both the brass and nickel Killarney whistles – and of course my personal opinions. Hopefully this will help you make up your mind as to whether this is the perfect whistle for you! I hope you enjoy it.

00:47 – Size, Aesthetics & Quality
03:23 – Sound Samples
06:03 – Pros
09:50 – Cons
12:34 – Useful Links

This video is not sponsored. All opinions are my own 🙂

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49 thoughts on “Killarney Tin Whistle Review – Brass and Nickel – C, D and Eb

  1. I am in the Boston, MA area. Is there any whistle shops where you can try a whole bunch, rather than just take a chance?

  2. I really like the Killarney nickel d. I am an experienced cellist but largely a novice on the whistle. A have a couple non-d whistles I have a few that are in c- oak, feadog, clarke). My favorite d one is a Jerry Freeman tweaked Blackbird in d (nickel). Is there a way to try out a whole bunch at one sitting and try before you buy?

  3. Oh, and I must share with you a whistle I NEED to get. It's a Gene Milligan in full Aluminum, that is with also the mouthpiece in Aluminum too. You can get it with the silent or louder Delrin mouthpieces, but I must try his full Aluminum. I already have his Blackwood with the silent mouthpiece, and for me, it's my favorite wooden whistle, and I have many, like Oz, Boisvert, MacMagnus and more. He just makes unbelievable good whistles. And I'm sure they will be very famous and attractive if he one day should stop making, just saying. His whistles goes all for $185, and that is extremely cheap for the quality. If I could wish for a whistle that you would review, it would be the Gene Milligan full Aluminum in High D. And if you by any chance don't like it, I promise I buy it from you, honestly. 😊🙏💖☀️🌠

  4. How does they compare against the John Sindt whistle D vs D? I ask since they look so like. For me, my Sindt is my favorite. But I would love to try the Killarney in Brass High D. And I would also like to hear an comparison between the Killarney, Reyburn and The Trade by Tony Dixon. I have The Trade and I'm sure I'll get the other two sooner. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and great reviews. Much appreciated. 🙏💖

  5. But it is a very hard choice because there is slights diferrences im The key of d. For me mainly Dixon And Killarney works. Dixon has a High range of soprano whistles mainly in The key of D But they have alt whistles And Killarney does not have. Nevertheless Killarney is great instrument And Dixon versions are differently is great. Some is
    Good for practice Some works in a band And Some work Best at recording. 🙂

  6. I did buy Killarney whistles brass and nickel key of D because of your review. I like them, quite a lot of good musicians use Killarney. They sound sweet and need suprisingly small air to sound fine. So Thanks they are real jewels and good instruments.

  7. Thank you for your great videos ! I am a tin whistle super beginner but I like to buy quality instrument (as tin whistle isn’t expensive at all comparing to let’s say…a concertina 😉). I am attracted to the Eb…can anyone tell me if it is asking more air than the D ? Would it be suitable for a beginner ? Thank you !

  8. It's definitely worth checking the Whistle Tuning against an Electronic Tuner. Had to extend the Head out about a 1/4 inch, from the fully closed up Position, to get the Whistle tuned correctly.

  9. I really like the Killarney's ability to go from lowest to highest notes and sound like one instrument, with a consistent tone, loudness and tuning. That's becoming a make or break feature for me.

  10. Killarney is like my dream tin whistle (yeah well… Jon sinth is every whistlers dream whistle, but let's be honest how realistic is it to get one of those xD), but I first want to make sure I'm able to play a cheaper whistle before I'll reward myself with one of these

  11. I only ever made the mistake of picking the wrong whistle at a band practice once (Eb instead of D). I bought a packet of differently coloured craft tapes to wrap around the tops of the tubes and have never made that mistake again.

    At practice it didn't matter that much, but the tape certainly helps to avoid disaster on stage where you have to know what you are picking up immediately.

  12. I'm certain that Killarney whistles are fine whistles, but I'll demur on part of your review.

    Your "differences" comments between the raw brass and nickel-plated brass tubes make no sense in terms of the way whistles work. There's no mechanism that would explain the ease of this or that note because of the finish on the tubes.

    All that the tubes do is to hold the standing wave created by the fipple. What you have essentially is tiny differences between the two fipples, and therefore slight differences in the way they are working.

    Differences in two whistles from the same manufacturer is by no means unusual, and the fact that your two whistles play slightly differently is not surprising at all.

    Using those differences to imply (or in fact to state) that there are generic differences between raw brass and nickel-plated brass tubed whistles is highly misleading.

  13. I have a feadog D whistle, and I am thinking about getting my secondin whistle. This will be a Clarke or a handmade that I can't remember the name of. So to my question, what key should I go with?

  14. Very nice post. Thank you! The Killarney is a first rate whistle, though I could never warm up to their C after enjoying their wonderfully balanced D. I think you will enjoy the Susato Oriole in C…. it occupies a sweet spot in the Oriole line up.

  15. Interesting they don't mark the the keys. Kind of amazing actually.
    Is the Killarney name on the whistle anywhere?

    I suppose it would be cheap enough for them to do key decals, but I think some sort of stamping would be better.

    Otherwise about the only thing you one can do is mark with a Sharpie or a label maker…but seems kind of chincy to do to a decent quality whistle like that.

    I only have one Chris Wall whistle and I know he doesn't do that, but considering he's a one-man craft show that might be a different story.
    Then again, James Becker ( Becker whistles) does mark is whistles and they are dirt cheap for excellent quality. I say if you're in the US or Canada you should check those out. It might defeat the value in savings to have it shipped elsewhere.

    Anyway thanks for this comprehensive review, you and David Cartmell are the two people I rely on most for my whistle reviews.

  16. I recently bought a killarney in D Brass, two questions:
    1. it begin to change the color where i put the fingers. What should i do about it? I like the color.
    2. What is the name of the song of "03:23 – Sound Samples"? love it!
    Thanks, have a beautiful day.
    Greetings from Uruguay

  17. Thanks for this amazing review. I only have a D Brass and I really like the sound of this Killarney Whistle. Planning to get a C brass now. When was your birthday? All the happiness for you!!!! 🥂🎂🎉🎁

  18. Can you please review this whistle ?

  19. I can't quite make it out, but I think you may be using a different fingering for third octave D, composed to what I use. I just cover his 2 and 3, and I have no problem with the Killarney nickel. I do like the sound of that brass though.

  20. Wow! Definitely a slight difference in timbre, though both very enjoyable. I know what I'm asking for for my birthday this year 😉

  21. Hi, what do you think of this song. Could be a nice candidate for tutorial?

  22. Could you please do a video on the whistle part of Learn me right by mumford and sons? 😊😊 I started to play the Day before yesterday. And I think i got the basic hang of it.
    My grandfather was a classical musicteacher, and he always told me that the tin flute would be great to me and my personality, and I have to dag 3 that he was right.
    ❤️ Hugs!

  23. Thank you for this. I have been wanting to upgrade from my current whistle but uncertain as to which brand to go with. You have helped me to decide on the Killarney brass.

  24. 👏 Hi there CutiePie – Have you given any thought to close ups, details, pros and cons reviews of the 3-octave, fully chromatic slide whistle? There’s nothing quite like the slide whistle when it comes to playing “The Bridge over the River Kwai.” 😉 ♫

    BTW: Happy birthday! You don’t look a day over 25. 😊

  25. Please consider doing a review of the Humphrey whistles. They are made in the USA. These review videos are great. Thank you for taking the time and expense to brings these to your viewers.

  26. Can you look at the sheet music for a particular song and convert it by (sight only) into a tin whistle dot display for new students?

  27. I'm 33, and one big tip of advice I could give you. Don't let this world snuff out your positive and outgoing personality. The world needs people like that to at the least help distract them from how miserable life can sometimes be. I've gone on line and honestly, just being able to watch videos where you are just yourself is a big refreshment because where I live, even though I am a very positive individual, seeing another very positive individual is an encouragement.

    Happy whistling.

  28. Purchased this whistle last year when I heard CrossHarbour play with it, gotta check out more of you channel to start learning whistle again.

  29. Nice review, I agree about marking the key of whistle and maker's mark of some type. It's festival season here so very busy with gigs, birthdays, and all. Be well.

  30. Thanks for the excellent review, and also thanks for getting brass and nickel for comparison. I was hoping this video would make it easier for me to decide between the brass or nickel, but I'm still not sure which one to get. Might go with nickel since I have a Dixon Trad High D in brass, and don't own a nickel whistle yet. Ugh, so hard to decide.

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