KingGeorge Rainbow 6 Twitch Streamer Setup Full Tour

Full Games Channel:
All Gear:



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26 thoughts on “KingGeorge Rainbow 6 Twitch Streamer Setup Full Tour

  1. Thank you guys for always supporting me! This was my old setup which was worse at one point lol. It is all thanks to you guys thank you so much!

  2. Ok i saw the board on the ground protecting the pc but why not buy a small table that can support the mass of the pc to put it on?

  3. Biggest concern here – hard drives. Really? Why hard drives in 2019? Even in my pc 2Tb m.2 nvme ssd..
    Why hard drives whyyyyy😭😭

  4. I remember the katana video and if im not mistaken … You chopped a cardboard box and a piece of the sword by the handle guard came flying off and hit your wall. Lul

  5. How’s about you do a give away for all the spare stuff you have, I have a single monitor and a keyboard and mouse bundle. Who else agrees

  6. I have a half broken wooden desk with a pull out cubby where I keep a controller and ps4 on a coffee stand right next to it
    Great set up btw

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