Lil Timmy, the legendary Ness player joins a streamer’s online lobby and just wins every game while talking in chat the whole time…

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39 thoughts on “Lil Timmy SABOTAGES Streamer’s Online Lobby

  1. Not revealing yourself is actually pretty smart. That pretty much means that you can afford to use the name a little longer and gain recognition at a slower pace. Nice

  2. The best disguise would be using ken/ryu since they are your worst characters, no one will ever know, it's the perfect ploy.

  3. Zero should enter Evo as Lil Timmy and play with a full costume on hiding his identity.

    Could you imagine Lil Timmy beating MK Leo?

  4. You should absolutely reveal who you are. There are so many people who would play an obnoxious match like that and decide the game isnt for them when they play a pro and dont know its a pro. The reaction would be much more satisfying too imo

  5. Love this video series keep them coming! But I would love to see you reveal yourself at the end. If I lost to a player over and over again and then found out it was Zero I would be honored.

  6. Nah zero you have to reveal yourself at the end. That's the whole point man lol we watch the buss ass the entire video just to see their face at the end when they find out they were playing against one of the best players. also the chat reaction is a major part too. leaving that out gives me major blue balls and also kinda makes people flood the streamers channel bugging them about how they felt about the video. just my input

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