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New part of funny twitch moments and livestream fails: Maya Higa’s bird ASMR, Sliker saves thicc streamer’s mod, Nani kicked out forsen, robcdee sees man walking into the glass door, pokelawls instant regret, esfand tv playing horror, xqc’s fan failed selfie, ludwig got jebaited by a tiktok video, jaystreazy meets a gorilla on the motorcycle, trainwrecks reacts to stpeach, star citizen dev happy birthday to lirik, maxadrums meets friendly fox in his garden, nymn scared of welcome to the game, xqc communicating fail, hitch shots from ballista, hachubby sings i’m just a memer and much more!

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7 thoughts on “Maya Higa’s bird ASMR. Sliker saves thicc streamer’s mod. Nani kicked out forsen. Twitch clips

  1. 5:25 RUDE Maya laughing at a cockatoo while eating,its like if i sit up close and watch Maya sleep i mean they are both natural things to do see how she like that and its not like i want to see her sleeping…pfff not at all

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