||MDS|| goodbye mds – collection (2013-2019)

Hello guys! Most of you already know that MDS is closing so here is my last MEP Part. I decided to upload all my mds parts together in one collection like some others already did, check their videos out!

What a ride! I joined 2013 and it was an amazing opportunity to improve my editing skills and also to meet amazing people. I really enjoyed this time and I’m so so grateful. Goodbye mds! We created something beautiful. #MDSALEGEND
Also thanks to everyone who is still watching my AMVs after all this time! Haha xD

The grand finale:

Amazing studio:

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6 thoughts on “||MDS|| goodbye mds – collection (2013-2019)

  1. Seriously Melanie, I love all the tracks! and I have always loved your style, I could tell which was your track every time always clean, full of flow and very creative!! It has been a pleasure to be able to meet you and work with you all this time because you are always a BIG inspiration 🙂

  2. So many memories, all the tracks are so beautiful Melanie, I LOVE ITTT!!! 😭🏮👏👏💞💕🏮🏮🍀🎇🎆💞💞

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