42 thoughts on “MSI RX 5700 XT Unboxing

  1. My Vega 64 sapphire is cooler 😉 i dont know if u should go with the rx 5700xt…singe my Vega 64 is a workstationbeast

  2. It’s definitely for airflow, but was used for marketing by AMD “bend the rules’ just AMD playing with words 🙂

  3. I have seen a lot of videos on this card. Most just talk about the dent like its a design thing, only for looks. Making bad jokes like Someone dropped it and stuff like that.
    I did see one, and I don't remember who, who said it had something to do with the airflow in it… So you might be right and he was the only one who properbly read the reviewer material… Or it might just be for looks, and that guy was just making up stuff…
    I would love to know if its one or the other too though 🙂

  4. Dunno if I'll get a 2080 super, or this when aib comes… Upgraaded to z390/9700k from a 4670k in May, but my 1080 strix has about had it for 1440p/144hz. Couldn't care less about raytracing if I'm honest, lmao. DLSS looks promising, but it's still in it's infancy stage. fffffffffffffffffff

  5. the MSI RX 5700 is a blower style cooler FYI. The blower style cooler is meant for cases that have less exhaust fans or for cases with not good airflow. You get worse OC abilities and higher GPU temps but the rest of the pc components operate cooler. Your lucky cuz i got an open air GPU.

  6. Ive got my system all built waiting for the 5700 xt aib to release. It hurts so much not being able to finish my build 😭

  7. Oh my, I haven’t payed much attention To ur subs and haven’t been commenting much lately (but I’m still watching!) but dayum you’ve grown in subs! I’m in ur discord and talk quite frequently tho

  8. Amazing unboxing, I have seen ton of unboxings and you are the first one I see shows the box specifications. I am going to buy this same card and I was about to buy a 550W PSU, Now thanks to you I won't have a bad experience! Thanks Techne, keep it up mate

  9. I believe the bend is for their advertising phrase for this card. I think it’s something like “bend the competition” and the bend is that.

  10. Great Video Card. I went with the RTX 2070 Super because I wanted Raytracing and DSLL Hardware Support, but based on Benchmarks this is a very good card for the money.

  11. The dent is just a marketing slogan. I think it is "make a dent in the game" or something like that. Nothing to improve airflow.

  12. This is one of the best unboxing "geek" style channels in Youtube. Just order my Arctis 7 2019 because of your reviews. Keep up the good work and soon you´ll be at 100k with sponsorships 😉

  13. That's looks cool!😲I enjoyed watching your unboxing,😉Looking forward to your next pc build.😁 Nice video!😉

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