MSI VENTUS OC RTX 2060 Overview : Does a Cheap RTX Card make sense?

Nvidias Turing launch was – lets be honest here – not exactly received as well as their previous Pascal and Maxwell lines. Coming out of the gate with a £1200+ card at the top end and a $800 card which in 99% of the games performs nearly identically to their existing $800 card which was released a year and a half prior but with less video Memor didn’t exactly set the heather on fire so to speak

The biggest problem by far with the turing lineup at launch was really the price which to this day is at the high end is far too high. But that did begin to change at the start of 2019 when the Everyman or womans RTX Card was announced and released at CES – the RTX 2060

Based on a cut-down version of the same TU106 GPU found in the RTX 2070, this new part shaves off some of RTX 2070’s performance, but also a good deal of its price tag in the process.

But nvidia’s saturated lineup isn’t the topic of today’s video,

Today it’s all about this… The MSI Ventus RTX 2060. One of the cheapest RTX 2060’s you can get your hands on. Cheap is obviously a relative term though as it still comes in at just over 300 bucks which lets face it is a considerable amount for the majority of gamers out there to stomach but considering there are some 2060s retailing for over 400, it’s most definitely on the low end of things when it comes to price…. but does the cost cutting worth it?

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