MSI Why Not Curved_Optix MAG271CQR “Unboxing” and Review

#WhyNotCurved #MSI #MAG271CQR

This is my “unboxing” and review of the Optix MAG271CQR monitor.
Apologies for the video and editing quality. Only had a phone to record, and no prior experience with editing.

All editing was done by Loli Connoisseur at

If you want to know more about the monitor please check out the site at


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2 thoughts on “MSI Why Not Curved_Optix MAG271CQR “Unboxing” and Review

  1. This looks SO SICK. But not sick as like in the bad sick. I mean sick as in the good kind of sick. The one that people say when they see something that looks sick but not like sick sick. You know what I mean? It looks cool.

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