My SCARY experience in the BALI BUBBLE HOTEL …… ALONE

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The song featured is “Love in the Morning” by Ryan Little
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#MaryJanesWorldTour is me (Maryjane) on a mission to visit 100 countries by the end of 2018. I started my challenge January 1st 2018, and I’ve been traveling, living out of my suitcase country to country ever since. Thanks for tuning into my journey!

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47 thoughts on “My SCARY experience in the BALI BUBBLE HOTEL …… ALONE

  1. When I read these comments it let's me see how paranoid and worrisome most people are and how BRAVE she is!! Whenever God takes her she will leave having lived a full life!! While most are too paranoid to travel anywhere out the U.S. Let her be an inspiration to LET GO and LIVE FREELY guys!!❤❤❤

  2. You have issues… seriously.. do you only think about yourself… like your family is stressing…. your selfish… not cool

  3. Loving your vids. Question. I'm afraid of spiders …creepy crawlers…. How was Bali in terms of the bug situation? Any crawling in your sleeping area?

  4. You are very brave. The Lord is your light and salvation whom or what shall you fear…it is clear your are living the Word not just proclaiming it. Your trust in God is evident.🙏

  5. I think your addicted to the adrenaline of these dangerous experiences you take. I’m glad your ok. And I hope you continue to stay safe and protected.

  6. Please be careful…. human trafficking is very high & places like this could be a target area.
    I’m happy you love to travel alone just please be a little more aware of what could possibly happen.

  7. I know Maryjane is always saying that people are always on her about going places and doing things that are dangerous. But I hardly ever come top the comments so I didn't know the extent of it. I just scrolled down to see if anybody else was curious what kind of bugs those were on her bed 😅

    It is very tempting to hit reply on some of these comments but I'm not even going to waste my time going back and forth with specific people. I'll just write my own comment that a lot of people probably won't even see and say to all the people who claim to also believe in God, she completed her entire year's journey unscathed always giving glory to God. So the evidence of God's grace is in the videos. These videos are practically testimony of relentless faith. I wouldn't do a lot of the things she would but what if she talked to God and God actually placed a sense of peace on her heart to know that he would take care of her through all the "crazy" adventures she wanted to partake in. Is she then supposed to be scared and fearful just bc strangers say? Some of you are probably the same ones that think this is a senseless use of His grace and only think to use faith when you need something. You should walk in faith and everyday and you will be taken care of. And that's what she did…

  8. That looks so cool. But you're right, one night would probably be enough. I plan on doing the Gibbon Experience in Laos within the year, but probably for only two nights.

  9. The traveler is not along, who do you think is filming her, the cameraman, he's there with her at all times, and probably someone else to protect her in these precarious situations.

  10. Continue to be brave and curious but basic precautions are important. When you are sitting in a lit bubble in the jungle of a poor country, best not to count your cash or flash your American passport.

  11. WHAT!!!! I ruled out The Bubble when researching properties in Bali last year & I didn't even know about the hike & disclaimer. Not my brand of adventure or lodging.😲

  12. That contract though…What the Hell!! Girl now that’s what I call adventurous and crazy cause ain’t no way. Things hunt at night…. no ma’am!!!! But the bubble did look beautiful.

  13. NICE! It definitely looks serene & peaceful in the day though. I was wondering where the br was… & u wore white kicks! Beautiful experience!

  14. GURRRL….better u than me! I believe in the power of light, I have to SEE ALL coming & going! Thx for the mini horror starring "" ♥

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