Nano Talon Black Ops – Flight Review

Here’s my “flight review” of the new Nano Talon Black Ops / Evo. I decided to leave this one fully intact and not edited. It’s an hour long flight with some “real time” narration. During that hour I tried out all the flight modes with the Kopilot (except “fence” mode that I don’t have selected) and really felt the plane out. I did some stall/spin tests, plenty of cruising around, tested RTH both manually and switching the transmitter off, etc. The little plane easily made it to the 1 hour mark with battery left, but I was ready to land and go eat… lol Let me know if you prefer this long, complete approach to videos like this, or if you’d prefer a cut down edited version in the future. These long ones are easier to make for me, but I know not everyone is going to sit there and listen to me babble on about the plane for an hour. 🙂 Enjoy! Here’s some affiliate links, and others mentioned in the video:

Nano Talon Evo –
Kopilot –
VC400 AIO –
Or both in a combo to save a few bucks –
(The FPV version of the plane includes the VC400 and Kopilot already, PNP does not.)
Aomway DIV006 video receiver –
Triple feed patch antenna –
Foxeer Pagoda Pro –
FrSky R9M/R9MM –
Titan 4S Li-Ion battery –

Quick install guides from Zohd:
Kopilot –
VC400 –
Complete maiden flight –


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26 thoughts on “Nano Talon Black Ops – Flight Review

  1. So I’m going to put in an Eagle Tree Vector. Do you think the stock esc is good enough or should I put in an esc(hobbywing) where I can set the lvc low since I will be using titan 4s 4500 lion battery? Thanks!

  2. great review, nothing wrong with a long review. at least it highlights any issues with the plane and shows its real potential. If people dont like it, fast forward or dont watch….simple

  3. What is your thoughts on pirate camp? I would love to come spend a few days with ya testing setups talking wings and getting some killer chase footage. I'm in fla I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like the sound of this, u have soo much knowledge it's hard to share even a fraction on YouTube 😜👊

  4. Great vid, I LOVE THAT BATTERY I have the same one and it's deff awesome.. Can't wait to maiden my evo it just came in. 🙂 thanks as always for the help fam

  5. Your videos remind me of my home state of Louisiana sometimes. Love your videos after 45 years in the RC hobby, long range FPV is the only thing I haven't done. Mostly large scale gas airplanes and collective pitch helicopters so I've been watching videos to learn about it. I've learned a lot from your videos like how badly I wanna Dragonlink! I'm a Ham KI5CJS so I'm good to go. I built quite a few heavy lift, long endurance multi rotors so I'm familiar with programming flight controllers so this crossover to FPV long range shouldn't be too difficult I Hope. Thank you for all the hard work it takes to put this content out.

  6. Great job m8, I still think the simple Co Pilot as a stand alone unit will have appeal, even to hardened fpv heads..Be interested to see an in depth video on that for could use it without a camera or vtx I'm assuming?…for high end gliders for example…or any glider.

  7. If your looking for a simple pan tilt setup; take a look at this print. i thought it was quite ingenious and love the simplicity. I’m trying it on a new build soon and it fir the 1180 servos with out any modification.

  8. I concur that some of the most useful info (at least to me) I've ever heard on your channel comes via long, in-flight commentary, live or recorded. If you put a pan on this, can I propose doing a 3D-printed 1:2 gear multiplier to get 360-degrees out of a 180 servo? Like this one:

  9. I just started this hobby, and i bought this nano talon Black with the fpv kit, and i ordered frsky x9d+ 2019 + R9 with r9mm also 2019 version. Would be nice if someone would show how to connect and set up the frsky .. i dono how to set the RTH button… And how to make a simple take off.

  10. Nice job! Camera looks great just don't like the osd. I use the triple feed patch array as well but use the AKK FX2-ultimate and haven't had trouble with range but its set at I think 1 watt.

  11. Damn you Keith… I ordered the FPV version and the Titan. LOL! At least it is small and I can fit it in my apartment. So I guess my cousin is getting the one I just fixed. Have you tried the Titan on the old one?. – Lauren (ps I get 2 miles on my 5.8 600mw pretty easily)

  12. For those of you that want to skip right to the fantastic flight. It starts at 0:00 and ends at 1:01:32 no need to thank me enjoy!

  13. hi keith ! your probably the only one on youtube making long videos like this one,,,which is great !!
    i subscribed to your channel few years ago and watched all of your videos on(planes)and i always enjoyed every minutes of it.
    you give great explanation when it comes to programming flight controller or reviews on cameras or other products thats the key of your success ,,,,thanks keith !

  14. how you setup your Radio failsafe? no pulses or hold? I just want to know best option when you lost signal or turn the radio off ….and get back your flying wing to home

  15. I usually don't mind the long videos, I don't necessarily watch all of it though lol. Always end up skipping around anyways it seems, long or short video.

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