23 thoughts on “Noita Streamer Build BEATEN! Full Gameplay Run

  1. Here's a link to my twitch channel. https://www.twitch.tv/simosimo. We've had a few folks come by mentioning they had to google it, so here you are. Thanks for the love everyone.

  2. still watching the video and I'm sure you've been told by now, but the flammable gas, while not directly hurting you, will decrease your O2 meter as you're not breathing air.

  3. Built a pretty awsome wand on a lucky run, it had quad cast, lightning ark, speed increase and 4 lance spells on a non shuffle wand, it would kill most things in one shot, after shooting through a wall, was like a sniper.

  4. Mr. Simosimo, hope you are well. At 1:01:00 you didnt pick up a perk, and said "we're not going to need vampirism". What's the negative effect in taking vampirism anyway?

  5. Roguelites are my favorite genre, I highly recommend, Spelunky, The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+, Streets of Rogue, Slay the Spire, Nuclear Throne and you already mentioned Enter the Gungeon.

  6. 31:40 its falling sand and that's what this game is about. The steam description literally says that its a falling sand rogue lite.

  7. A truly impressive run, definitely one for the record books.

    First time watching anything from your channel. Really enjoyed your demeanor and general vibe, will definitely be subscribing to your channel. Cheers!

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