Nvidia Shield TV (2019) | Best TV Streamer with Insane Upscaling!

Unboxing, setup and full tour with Nvidia’s new Shield TV 2019, an updated version of its TV and media streaming box boasting the best upscaling I’ve ever seen. I loved the previous model and this latest streamer delivers several upgrades for a £149 UK asking price. These include the new Tegra X1+ platform, boasting AI-boosted upscaling to 4K for standard HD video.

As you’d expect, the Nvidia Shield TV 2019 can serve up 4K HDR visuals for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube content. Dolby Vision is supported as well as HDR10, although no HDR10+ unlike the Amazon Fire TV Cube. However, this streamer blows the Fire TV away for those upscaling smarts while also adding the GeForce game streaming service.

So not only is the 2019 update of the Shield TV best for enjoying movies and shows, it’s also the best for gaming. Although anyone serious about their games may want to consider an upgrade to the Pro model, which boasts improved performance (3GB of RAM vs 2GB), two dedicated USB ports, full Twitch support and more.

Check out my comparison versus the Fire TV Cube and Roku Premiere to see if the new Shield TV really is the best streaming box as we head into 2020.

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28 thoughts on “Nvidia Shield TV (2019) | Best TV Streamer with Insane Upscaling!

  1. You can get Disney Life in the UK. Shocking app but decent content. Will be redundant when we get Disney+ probably

  2. Excuse me poor english. Is It possible to change the Netflix button on remote to another shortcut like Plex? Thank you.

  3. It looks like a dildo. They should have really put some texture on the sides to accommodate and excite the ladies.

  4. All the new features and they dropped it all on the design. Good job Nvidia😒… The design is so ugly I wouldn't sell this regardless of its features to anyone.

  5. 1:40. Exactly what I was thinking. It will roll. You can't stand it up as you did because there will be cables going into each end. I like the small form facture but a cylinder? Dumb.

  6. Question about Dolby Atmos for Netflix/new Nvidia Shield TV pro: if the TV doesn't support Dolby Atmos but the soundbar that suport it, will I be able to have Dolby Atmos sound or not?
    I ask this because on 2017 Nvidia Shield TV, even it said that supports Dolby Atmos (and using the TV without support but having a soundbar with Dolby Atmos), I cannot find any Netflix movie with this sound format.

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