Precisio MTL RTA | BD Vape/FumyTech

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16 thoughts on “Precisio MTL RTA | BD Vape/FumyTech

  1. So- thanks to the demonization of us vapers, I just put my groceries in the car, turned on the engine and backed out – as i put it in drive, i took a quick pull off my vape – i hear someone yelling at me and a middle aged man is waving both hands over his head.

    I thought – good grief, did i run over something?

    I put my passenger window down as he hurriedly stuck his head in my window:

    "Havent you heard? That is going to kill you!"

    I responded that yes i heard but the hype is about black market THC products and I was responsible and bought liquids from FDA approved manufacturers… Not street vendors.

    He wasnt buying it and shaking his head in disgust… And said "You could die! Just remember i tried to warn you!"

    Sheesh – nice way to end my afternoon.

  2. If this anti-flavor B.S. goes through you better have learned how to do DIY E-Juice mixing and have gotten your flavors in by now. I have enough Flavors to do GALLONS of my Favorite juice. I have used NO FLAVOR juice at 6mg Nicotine strength to cure Vapers Tongue. It is not bad and could live with it if I had to.

  3. Thanks for the review Wendy. I quite like the look. Apparently there's a black version with frosted dark tank and tip and an optional longer top section for extra capacity 😉

  4. I love your reviews! I'm new to vaping so this is a little over my head right now but maybe someday lol. I have some vape pens and now an obs cube which i love. I also just got a voopoo mini and that one scares me because it's more power than i've ever had before. Still love it….and my apple fritter juice lol. Thanks for all the great reviews!

  5. This is gonna be my year 😁. Everybody is coming out with an MTL rta 😱. I like this one. I'm also good with the ultem several of my mtl rta's are ultem . ( I am thinking they did the ultem to make it look more high end ) .

    I do know they have an extension available for the tank for more capacity so that's a plus.

    Great review as always 😘. Hope your family is doing good .

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