21 thoughts on “Runcam Nano 2 Review + Giveaway!

  1. The reason I want this drone is for my boyfriend. He is an awesome dad and does everything he can and always puts his needs and wants last and hobbies included. Awesome video hope I’m not too late for the giveaway even though you are past 500 subs. Thank you.

  2. Hey honestly I hear great things about the nano, I been wanting one for awhile but life isn’t allowing it right now so I’m forced to the five inchers and safe flying . I could really use this micro right about now:) I couldn’t tell from the footage the quad seem to fly fine at least from our perspective so good job to you for accommodating. Look forwards watching your further review bud

  3. I want to check out the US 65 and see how it compares to the original Tinyhawk. I'm still looking for my preferred whoop!

  4. Hey I saw some of your comments on Diatone 349 video. Nice videos man, hope your channel grows fast! I'm in the UK, so no giveaway for me 🙁

  5. Perfect! Broke mine last winter. Nice job with the review. Keep up with the vids and I'm sure it channel will grow. 👍

  6. Oh my ! Just subbed and commented on a different video. I'm thinking about buying the tinyhawk freestyle because the quad I have is the ur65, but one of the motorwires just broke.. lol.

  7. I would love this quad because I don't have room around me to fly so I'm flying micros and whoops. I just lost my mobula7 hd, I caught fire and I'm itching to get back out flying. Love the videos!

  8. Getting close my friend!!!! I have got 2 whoops and both broke before i could learn acro!!! Thanks so much for the chance!!! I know you will hit 500 soon!!! This is a Great Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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