SAS was not what I was expecting…

Hi Vagabonders! How are you? Todays video is a review about SAS (Scandinavian airline) (which is currently striking) and how the service, food, entertainment, extras and comfort and more is on this plane. And for me that has been traveling with SAS a lot, and have never liked it, I really appriciated this flight. Food was awesome, service excellent, just no goodiebags.

Have you been flying with SAS? Comment below!

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12 thoughts on “SAS Airline Review | Travel Vlog

  1. Magnus, I love you and the review, but I can't wear that to an airport. While I wouldn't wear sweats, I am all about comfort. Plus I would feel like a douche if I wore that lol.

  2. Avundsjuk jag blir 🙁 bästa årstiden i Sverige just nu, har så sjukt mycket hemlängtan! Var hemma förra sommaren men har valt att stanna i Taiwan över sommaren detta året så att jag kan jobba så kommer ta åtminstone 1,5 år tills jag åker hem igen. Saknar svenskt väder och maten!!

  3. I like your airline review and hope you would do more. Also would like to see you review hotels too. Keep up the good work.

  4. Nice video but mate I gotta be honest, there's no "goodie bags" when flying econ, that's just how it is. Always bring your own toothbrush and paste in your hand luggage, face- and/or hand cream or whatever you want in order to make yourself comfortable, or of course just upgrade to business. That's how it is. And yes, I'm flying more than a lot, both short- and long haul incl SAS.

  5. I love the outfit and I am so thrilled to watch your vlogs in Sweden for a change. I enjoyed this video so much. You’re funny and stylish. You’re a man of the world. You’re meant to be traveling around the world. Have an awesome time in Sweden. See you soon.

  6. well…..this video shows what i and my wife do 3~4 times a year that flying between Shanghai and Copenhagen(im Shanghainese working in Sweden for the biggest Swedish Telcom Company) since we are living in Karlskrona on the southern part of Sweden. Followed you recently, happy to watch the culture exchange between 2 countries.

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