Streamers SWATTED Live During Their Stream

SWATTING is an internet phenomena that happens to lots of twitch starts. Coming up are some twitch live streamers that got swatted!
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33 thoughts on “Streamers SWATTED Live During Their Stream

  1. I think it should be ilegal
    to swat people it's cruel and almost got my son kill in 2008 it's bullshit the because my ex is a dick did these to us streamers are not the only one s getting these regular people do to

  2. swear to fuck if I ever get wind of someone plannin on swattin somebody i will make them eat their own ruddy teeth

  3. People who call swatters on live streamers are stupid because those people have better things to do and don’t need this, they could be dealing with a real situation. I don’t see how people find this funny?

  4. Under federal law, there is a 5 year and or $10,000.00 fine for causing a false police report I think that the maximum penalty is the only proper way to try to stave off these just plain stupid pranks, called SWATTING!

  5. Swatting should be illegal due to blackmail (threatening) and attempted murder of civilians.
    The person that was calling a person to be swatting, should be executed or jailed due to hoaxing and framing.

  6. Well considering Nothing was playing CSGO and had a glock on-screen, The swat caller wasn't exactly wrong was he.

  7. 5:33 Police got a call claiming he was doing terrorists activity and on his game screen saying “Terrorists win”. This is actually so ironic.

  8. Sooo wtf happened to the sh*tbrain who called the cops when that father died? Any1 knows about it?

    And also on the other idiots calling, they werent traced/caught?

  9. THE GOV. does NOT give harsh sentences for SWATTING because they want people to be intimidated about THEM/SWAT/GOV.  Gestapo tactics of intimidations. THEY HAVE THE TECH TO CATCH THOSE CALLING. THEY CAN handout a sentence that will end that and most crimes in short order if THEY wanted to, SOOOOO the question is why don't THEY DO THAT.  EASY ANSWER IF you just THINK ABOUT IT

  10. find pranksters and put them to jail for a month, that should teach them a lesson and make emergency calls to be actual emercency calls

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