T-MOBILE and Sprint Merger update.

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30 thoughts on “T-MOBILE and Sprint Merger update.

  1. Sprint charged me for over a year on a phone we reported as stolen. They won't refund, even though they can see it was unused during this entire time, mind you we spend $150/ mo on our main phones, and the third phone was just basic for $25 a month. They are losing us over that, if that doesn't sum up their customer service, nothing does.

  2. Sprint literally stole my money. My mother already reported them because they kept stealing private information.

  3. States are concerned there is nothing beneficial for consumers? Are they dumb? I live in a rural area, and T-mobiles rural 5g home broadband test won't begin trials until the merger is complete. I can't even get DSL in my home! Fuck these Attorneys General.

  4. Thanks for the update Sneed. This whole merger has been nothing but a cluster fuck from the start. Same old shit served in a clean bowl.

  5. Why don't you respond to subscriber's comments? I asked you about a phone the other day and got no response. Maybe your just busy. I just wanted to know it it would be better to buy the Galaxy A20 on Metro when it comes out or buy the Galaxy A30 on Amazon. Some people said the A30 is not compatible with Metro's 4G LTE network.

  6. Awesome!

    *Let's see which side flinches first

    It's clear the doj isn't going to render a verdict until the states are on board.

    Let it linger………

    *Btw it is abundantly clear the FCC aired in its verdict without first coordinating with DOJ. People's diapers were soiled since then. (Everyone's crying and throwing a hissy fit & throwing a tantrum because the DOJ didn't fold with the FCC)

  7. I just hate when a few people (like the States try and use black mail to get what they want at are expense)
    What do you think 🤔

  8. At this point instead of focusing on a merger they should attempt to fix congestion. T-Mobile can buy up Sprint when they go under instead of wasting more money on this merger

  9. The State AGs totally screwed the pooch on this one. They put forth legal action on a deal that wasnt complete. The brought against against something that wasnt even complete! now they want details? Of what? TMO and Sprint can just hold out. The judge will most likely say to they are there details? They will say nothing new your honor. The judge will say to the AGs so what are we trying to do here? The judge will say proceed or drop it. Then the deal will come out. This is a game of lame chicken.

  10. was thinking of switching to T-mobile, but for a single line on verizon, T-Mos comparable plan is actually more expensive lol.

  11. Yup. So far like I predicted earlier. This merger is not looking like it's going to happen by the end of this year. The States AG's are looking for a postponement of the October hearing is what I am understanding from this?

  12. Just needs to get over with. So Tmobile can really get going on deploying 600 and 2.5 for 5G and kill Verizon and AT&T. I think is kinda BS talking so long.

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