In today’s video rootmetrics 1st half reports and how important is a new device
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  1. Hey Tyrone, I bought a new SIM card $5.44 from att. Do you think that will help with the poor service I’ve been experiencing with att or did I just wasted my money????

  2. there are some budget or low budget phones have all at&t bands but problem is that they dont have 4×4 mimo nor 256qam only 2×2 and 2CA so it helps but speed may be below average. AT&T is upgrading their 3G to 5GNR starting last month and starts shutting down 3G already as reports say. Still cant wait for AT&T to flick the switch for VoLTE on unlocked devices. By end of this year AT&T will have VoLTE on all phones but i dont know how they do that some say through android Q update.

  3. https://www.fiercewireless.com/operators/t-mobile-ranks-first-4g-download-speeds-but-at-t-leads-at-regional-level-opensignal

  4. Loving the content on your channel. Great detailed information…other channels don't seem to go into this level of detail in the videos I come across. Thanks for the great content. Thank you.

  5. I can only speak from the coverage where I live, but T-Mobile is excellent here. I never have dropped calls and the speeds are great. T-Mobile just deployed band 71 here as well.

  6. I have the S9+ so I'm good for a while. Has B14 and 71. Tho I haven't used it on T-Mobile network. Only Sprint,att and currently vzw

  7. I read an article that said Root Metrics only tested in 25 out of 50 states. That's 100% biased and 200% half-assed

  8. Dude I hate to admit it but I might be switching over to Sprint on the clean slate program I live in a 5G city, thinking of getting the LG or Samsung phone

  9. Great update man!!! I have t-mobile, I love them, I have the iPhone XR in red , t-mobile needs more spectrum here in Memphis!

  10. Time to get 4×4 mimo 256Q 3wayCA and 4wayCA along with extra fiber on all towers. My XMax does get better consistent speeds than any previous that LAA is also Great at the T-Mobile stadium here in Vegas.

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