What was the last time you were the first person to do something?

For most people, pioneering anything is a pipe dream at best.

Meet Ewok, the 14-year-old deaf female streamer, who joined FaZe Clan back in July as a content creator.

If her rapid success is a sign of things to come, she’ll be kicking some serious ass in the near future.

Hosted by: Devin Jones (@milkshks)
Written by: Alina Sotula (@ASotula)
Edited by: Matt Massey

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41 thoughts on “This Deaf Streamer is Shattering Stereotypes

  1. I wish one day that girls could compete on a high enough level to compete with the guys in esports. Hopefully Ewok can become the first girl to win a major tournament, that be world changing !

  2. This channel mentions big streamers supporting ewok but I guess mizkif is a small streamer and irrelevant to mention, who ALSO supported ewok.

  3. Why do I feel like this wouldn't work in Rainbow Six?
    then again, we all know how "reliable" and "consistent" the audio propagation in R6S is

  4. Damn shes cool.
    "Being a girl and being deaf hasnt stopped me from doing anything"
    thats great to hear compared to all the feminist crap about how oppressed they all are.

  5. The fact that Ninja is actually playing with a girl is cool. To bad once she becomes 18 he'll probably never play with her again. :/

  6. You guys should look into BrolyLegs, he's a fighting game player (mainly street fighter) and he has no hands and plays pretty fucking good

  7. oh so she can't use that feminism now because she's good and she's deaf or maybe they'll use that because deaf boys can't do shit like what she's doing right?

  8. So you telling me that she doesn't use bass boosted headphones to give her a sense of awareness of possible close by action or movement?

  9. "She might be young, but she's deafinitely not shy"? I see what you did there, theScore eports, I see what you did there!

    "and the gaming world was all ears" …why you, theScore esports! These must be on purpose, right? 😛

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