Top 5 AWKWARD TWITCH Moments! (Mom’s Mistake, Streamer Trolled, Restaurant)

Top 5 AWKWARD TWITCH Moments! (Mom’s Mistake, Streamer Trolled, Restaurant)
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8. Game of Thrones season 8 freakout:
7. Friends troll streamer:
6. got more than she was bargaining for:
5. cat catches lizard:
4. restaurant teddy bear:
3. mom on twitch livestream:
2. funny stream:
1. gamer Trolled:

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46 thoughts on “Top 5 AWKWARD TWITCH Moments! (Mom’s Mistake, Streamer Trolled, Restaurant)

  1. Me: Sees thumbnail ….ew…. Who licks someones Camrea!?!?!?

    Bro: Uhhhhhhh

    (my brother does not lick camera's Pls be nice to him)

  2. Hell yeah I would eat with a teddy bear, I'll maybe even have a full conversation with it hehe. I just have fun with it too moving it in different positions. I would probably put it's head on the table and tell people excuse me my friend isn't feeling good what should I do? 🤗

  3. 5:25 the bear’s called brown from a company called line it’s like wechat but it’s all over Asia and it’s airing some episodes
    (not that good at English criticize me as much as you want)

  4. Went to a business that had a mirror in the main workroom, so I decided to fix up my hair and gussy myself up, the closer I got to said mirror I noticed 2 women laughing at me directly, it was a 2 way mirror, so they saw the whole thing go down and I turned sooo red!

  5. The cat and the Teddybear were my favorite. That is the kind of meow that a cat would use when they give you a gift.

  6. Cats: If they give you something dead, you are a child who can't take care of themselves. If they give you something alive, they think you are someone to pay homage to.

  7. Season 8 can suck my nonexistent lady dick. Edit: I'd eat with the bear. I'd be best friends with that stuffed little fuck.

  8. What happened trendcrave u were the best youtuber on the site at a time but now u are like every other Youtuber i mean u always say be sure to like sub and turn on that bell for incredibly dumb reasons like if u eat tacos or if u hate ______ if u can tell us what is going on we could probably help you

  9. When you overreact you break shit. Thats why people shouldnt overreact. Which is why acting like a sissy willy is stupid

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