21 thoughts on “Twitch Streamer watches cat get shocked?

  1. No her cat did not die, it just recieved 120 to the face. People flipping out because this girl let her cat learn a lesson to keep it from ever tearing more wires up in the future. She tried to stop it and everyone wants to bash her for letting the cat continue. 1st of all I do not support animal abuse, but this is no where near animal abuse. 2nd, it was mildly funny watching the curiosity of the cat teach it a lesson. To those who have never been shocked by 120 let me explain to you what happened in this instance for the cat. As soon as the cat completed his bite into both the neutral and the hot wire the direct short would cause any standard breaker to trip. Resulting in the cat feeling the shock for the split second that it took for the lights to go out. It doesn't neccesarily feel good, but it doesn't hurt either. And the only way the cat would have been at risk of dying was if the current traveled across the cats heart which it didn't. This girl probably isn't that knowledgeable about the effects of electricity but the online shaming people are dishing out to her is more of a problem in this country than her letting her pet learn a life lesson. So many people are quick to judge someone but how good of a parent are they? How good of a person are they? This girl may have a slightly dark sense of humor but I would bet regardless she still loves and cares for her cat. This story ended up on my Google feed and it goes to show you how big of a deal millineals can make out of anything. Get a life people

  2. Telling the cat to stop won't work because cats don't fuсking understand English. She could've just gotten off her lazy аss and unplugged the fuсking cables.

  3. So funny how people get mad…I'll slap my cat live on a stream if it chews my damn cords they will learn also trust me you grab your cat show the cat that it chewed your cord smack or spank it and it will remember not to chew I know from exp 🙂

  4. If laughing was not involved be a diffent story there is no life lessons if you laugh after it happen you are a trash person

  5. This is one of my closest friends and I used to live with her and her cat. Her cat does dumb shit all the fucking time, she would jump from really high ledges and would eat anything and chewed up everything. She tried to stop her but she never listens, she would’ve just gotten up and done it again if she moved her. And she’s only allowed in her room at night so she couldn’t have moved her to another room. She wasn’t hysterically laughing either, I know her and she was obviously panicking trying to figure out what happened while she watched her cat who was out of shot on camera, and then when she saw she was ok she started laughing.

  6. What can you exspect from a dumb ass bleach hair blonde wish she would step on a frayed wire and water was present and her blonde hair be frizzed out and see if she liked it omg it would be hilarious.

  7. Good. Stupid fucking cat will learn not to do that again. All you whiny cunts boo hoo. Go play in oncoming traffic. Im an animal lover but stupid animals need to learn the hard way. And to this douchebag posting the video. Swearing left and right does make you cool you stupid Fuck. Grow up first and get a real life fairy.

  8. EDIT:

    Her cat could have died…and she laughed. It's very dangerous for any animal to chew up wires and get shocked…it's not okay for her to do things like this on live stream with a young and impressionable audiance that would only lead to people thinking it's funny to allow your cat to do this. It's not funny and it's actually life threatening. The fact alone that cats shouldn't be chewing on wires like that shows that cat might not be getting enough attention or getting energy out. It could also mean that the cat maybe is having some problems with it's teeth. Anything is possible…so, in my opinion things like this should not be overlooked.

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