What People DONT Get About Streamers Moving To Mixer! (Shroud Joins Ninja) – Fortnite Chapter 2


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38 thoughts on “What People DONT Get About Streamers Moving To Mixer! (Shroud Joins Ninja) – Fortnite Chapter 2

  1. What do you guys think about streamers leaving Twitch and moving over to Mixer?
    Stay tuned until the end, we had the CRAZIEST endgame in a scrim lobby, we dropped over 20 kills!

  2. Boy,If they dont nerf the frickin tac shotgun im leaving this game…Grey tac doing 160 Headshot damage is too much

  3. I screamed "nooooo!!!" when they got 2nd place, I was really hoping they'd win but I still enjoyed the video, keep u ppl the good work


    Squad game. Each player can use only 1 type of gun. For example: One player has an AR, one player an SMG, one player a shotgun, one player a sniper.

  5. Life advice from SypherPK and NICKMERCS right there..like what they are saying you can and should apply to everything in life

  6. Your videos are always the title for a couple minutes followed by generic stream content. That’s why I unsubbed after a month. You can get the same content from following Sypher on Twitter. Just my two cents. I love Sypher tho.

  7. Honestly mixer isnt on the same level as twitch but I'm sure with them and there recruiting streamers type deal is gonna play a big part to help funds come in and increase production within the company
    I will say twitch is definitely mpre toxic because there are more people and twitch is dominating with fortnite being 1st on viewer count but I'm sure if mixer keeps doing what there doing mixer will overtake
    But then same thing will happen to them they will eventually be overrun I feel
    But in general I feel as if the switch over is good because your most likely to rack up more viewers because mixer is small compared to twitch

  8. How could you not understand what that guy was saying (sorry don’t know his name) like it was such a simple question it’s like you and nick legit just argue with people cause your egos are so out of fucking check

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