­­When FORTNITE Streamers Enter GODMODE…
Here’s a compilation of the best Pop-off/snipes/Jukes ever on Fortnite!

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47 thoughts on “When FORTNITE Streamers Enter GODMODE…

  1. I love your channel all your videos are so exciting and interesting and you have inspired me to make my own channel so thank you so much

  2. Most of these clips are literal luck . I'm sure it isn't that hard to find clips where players are actually being GODS

  3. Really man you put more clips of streamers hitting a snipe or a good pump shot but you are not putting clips of good players and you are putting clips from old seasons like season 4 or 5 really?

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  5. Hits a snipe on a guy standing still. WHAT A GOD. U can tell the guy who made this sweats in pubs and struggles in contender league

  6. What is wrong with these commentators. “Pop a bandage” bruh the storm hits for ten a bandage heals 15 and he has 30 health

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