Playing Apex Legends LIVE! (PS4) Playing With Subscribers! If you want to play
To play you must be a subscriber, leave a like, and at least 13 years old.
Add ( Robohobopro ) On PSN
use !join (yourpsn) to join a open, first come first serve, queue. Everyone gets 2-3 games. You can rejoin queue as many times as you want but at the end of the stream I will end regaurdless of how many are in queue so make sure you join early! If you dont put your psn name I wont be able verify its you so please always have the psn. Please be in the stream ready if you want to play. Thanks everyone for all of the support!


Want to leave a tip? This link is the best way to donate
(donations appear on screen)

All donations go a long way towards growing the channel and are greatly appreciate but never expected from anyone. Thanks so much to all of the channel supporters out there!

Common Chat Commands

You get 20 Coins every 10 min that you watch for the in stream coin system. Use those coins to get games in and sometimes enter giveaways!

Check out my highest kill Apex Legends game here!

Every stream is a 🔴Q&A. Always feel free to ask me anything stream appropriate.

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