2XP WEEKEND & RANKING UP!! || Call Of Duty Modern Warfare || Interactive Streamer || PS4

Hi Guys, my name is BeanoCookie and I’m a Australian PS4 Gamer and Streamer. Please come in the chat and say ‘G’DAY!’.

(Please take the time to read the stream rules down below!)

Also, new videos coming out every week! So, to be updated of new videos, giveaways and more EPICNESS please subscribe to the channel and join the ‘Cookie Crew’!!!


✔️PSN: BeanoCook1e


(All donations will be going toward getting video games, equipment and making the channel better for you guys to enjoy!)


🍪Live Stream Rules🍪
No racism or sexism.
No swearing.
No self advertising.
No stream sniping.
No spam of letters or emojis.
No spoilers while we all enjoy the game.
No talk of politics or religion.
Don’t bully or troll excessively.
Don’t ask for mod as I recruit new mods when needed.
Be respectful of everyone in the stream.
English only please – so we can understand and communicate with you!

1st offence= TIME OUT; 2nd offence= BAN
**Self Promotion or Name-Calling is an instant BAN**

By donating to this channel, you agree that there will be No Refunds, or “Chargebacks” available.

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