37 thoughts on “Arrma Limitless First 100+ Mph Run and Review

  1. I currently have a traxxas xo-1 and I really like the look of these , is it possible to move the xo1 motor , esc , servo etc into this?

  2. I'm sure a friend tagging along with another camera on a cheap gimbal mount would help you get some really awesome shots of the car making its run. I wonder if you could setup a gimbal similar to a drones on a car and have a chase vehicle get up to like 60ish or whatever it could handle with the camera messing with the aero. I think having a shot following the speed run car as it speeds away from the camera chase car would be really freaking cool. I really thought it was cool how much you appreciated them sending you the car. You deserve some recognition!

  3. Todas estas pruebas se tienen que hacer en un circuito. Alfinal, en una recta de un lado para otro no pruebas nada…. En recta todo corre más o menos. En un circuito la cosa cambia… Saludos

  4. From here on out I'm living the rest of my life in the rc world! Time to start ordering kits and RTR models and start filming and having endless fun! I am liking this model here. Make it hit 150mph.

  5. I wish more companys would offer rolling chassis. Not ebay. I mean direvtly from traxxas losi etc. But it makes alot of sense to make speed cars rollers also.

  6. Very nice and good concept for rc cars.The only thing is this is not an RTR.It is an rc that you have to buy lots of other stuff motor,esc and actuators to get working.Although it his highly customizable and speeds far in excess of 100mph could be acheived according to your selection.Although to run it at the speeds he does it would be very expensive indeed maybe $1100 plus.

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