I’ll be honest. I’m incredibly picky about luggage since I travel so much. I wanted to find something that was investment worthy and would last me a long time. I’m finding out if my new Away Travel bags are what I’ve been looking for. Watch this video for my thoughts!

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Congrats Patrick Buddle on winning the E3 bundle!!


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17 thoughts on “Away Travel Carry On Suitcase & Everywhere Leather Bag Review! | Why You SHOULDN’T Buy Smart Luggage

  1. does your pink leather scuff easily? i didn't get it for fear the leather bag would scuff easily so opted for nylon. what's your experience with the bag?

  2. Thanks for the review on the Everywhere bag. Fast question, how do you feel about the quality of the leather? I have a letter coach duffle that I love but I’m looking to buy something that will slide over the handle on my Away bigger carry on. Do you feel the leather quality is good enough for the price point? Thanks!

  3. I love my bigger carry-on and will definitely be picking up the everywhere bag as a little Christmas gift to myself this year 😊

  4. Love that it all matches!!! Soo cute!!! Love the pink!!! 💕
    Travel question but on a different topic. Do you have a go to pair of travel shoes that you recommend? Shoes that are cute but supportive and good for walking?

  5. I really liked review of the away suitcase was very thorough and in-depth but for me I don't travel very often and even if I did the price tag would keep me from buying even with a lifetime warranty.

  6. Initial thought on "Smart Luggage" at least pre-watching the vid is that your bag may/will be unnecessarily extra-searched/torn apart by security/TSA if or when they choose to notice what it is, at least if this bag also has a built in battery to recharge phones or other like devices via USB…

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