Now, I’m no expert giving Brawl Stars tips and tricks at the moment but that’s because I’m new to the game. In my quest to figure out what game I wanted this channel to be about and which community I wanted to grow my channel in, i tried many a game but I found Brawl Stars and did my research in the community, I played the fame, and I spoke to a shaman who helped guide me in figuring out that this game is the game I was meant to star in through brawling!!! (See what I did there?)

Not only will I be making Brawl Stars videos but I will also be live-streaming Brawl Stars right on this channel as well! I’m in for the long haul, I’ll review fan art, I’ll keep you up to date with Brawl Stars updates, and once I get good I’ll even give you Brawl Stars strategy and Brawl Stars guides!

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