Part I of today’s stream. Check out Part II here:
Jon, Jon and Tommy discuss Donald Trump’s attacks on Elijah Cummings and the city of Baltimore, and how his team has leaned into racism as a 2020 electoral strategy. Plus, House Dems get closer to impeachment, and we preview the next set of Democratic debates.

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7 thoughts on “Charm city offensive Part I | Pod Save America recording stream

  1. It's pretty rare that I think you guys completely drop the ball, but Kamala's plan is absurd. 10 years? Riddle me this: if we rolled out Obamacare on a 10 year time-line, which very stable genius would have been in charge of getting it over the finish line? The ACA had some growing pains (in no small part due to the GOP trying to strangle it in the crib at every opportunity) but the reason we still have it today is because by the time a hostile political force had the power to do away with it, it had been around and in use long enough to show voters what it could do. If you put M4A–regardless of any lobbyist appeasement about preserving a role for private insurers–on a multiterm rollout, Pharma and the Insurance industry will strip it to the bone before people even know what it is that they've been given.

    A quicker timeline is necessary. Alternatively, a slightly longer timeline (say, 6 years with automatic expansion each year) coupled with an opt-in for anybody.

  2. Everyone keeps blaming Fox for why Trump is going after Elijah Cummings. I don't think anyone noticed that Elijah Cummings actually said on TV a recent Sunday Trump is a racist, rightly so but still, this is the kind of thing that would set Trump off.

  3. I want to point out to all the chowder heads I. Here that Nancy made it about race. All Trump said was the district was rat infested

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