Chinese Mukbang Streamer Gains 66 lbs in 1 Year! MADE IN CHINA: TO GO – TomoNews

This week on Made in China: Chinese Mukbang streamer Da Meng Meng (大梦梦) gains 66 pounds in one year!


Outro Music: ‘Chinaman’ by Jad Abstrock

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35 thoughts on “Chinese Mukbang Streamer Gains 66 lbs in 1 Year! MADE IN CHINA: TO GO – TomoNews

  1. She really puts it away doesn’t she. Feel like if you ever stuck your hand in there you’d pull back a bloody stump as she’s slurping away.

  2. People who are into eating and feel the need to show off their food on social media just gross me out, particularly when it's full of meat and I'm not even a vegetarian. I don't know if it's the off-putting feeling of examining other people's food, or the starving/consumerist notion that comes it.

  3. TomoNews, you’ve outdone yourselves, again. A “quickie “ that I can’t get out of my head. “Admirers” actually watching her eating is a thing in China 🇨🇳 ?? There must be loads of single men in China 🇨🇳.

  4. How does she have that many followers when she is chewing her food like that, stuff in her her mouth, and chewing with her mouth open……

    All Over some “viewers”-I mean men

  5. What is the point of mukbang? It’s just someone eating large amounts of food and if it's for asmr, there is videos that are better. Mukbang just looks gluttonous.

  6. She wasn't getting fatter, she's just getting gradually too lazy to put her excessive make up and camera filter on.

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