Chipsa’s Plan For Overwatch League! – Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 695

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47 thoughts on “Chipsa’s Plan For Overwatch League! – Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 695

  1. I thought of that colour thing when i was 7. Seen it everywhere since. Come to believe that it might differ but only by shades. Not completely different colours.

  2. 5:52 ”nooo my 6k”

    Me, literally havent ever had more than two kills with genjiblade, lying in bed all day doing nothing productive with my life: ”Ha what a loser”

  3. As much as I hate that Chipsa got to OWL before Asking, I will admit that he has a fair point. Too much is being pointed at him rather than OWL or Fusion. He saw an opportunity and took it

  4. i like how harb in the clip at 3:23 starts out with "what in tarnation" then immediately goes to "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?"

  5. It has been reasearched that different people see different colors. So far they have only found out that we see different tones

  6. The bug on Jay3 has been:
    -Meteor struck
    -Mined and piledrived

    Join us next week in search of more trolls to squash the bug.
    May this joke never die.

  7. Regarding this Color question. I did ask the same but sadly it doesn't work like that even if the logic itself isn't flawed. I don't know how exactly it worked again, but it was something about picking up colors the same way due to how our brain works.

  8. About the color comment :
    – It's not philosophical
    – It's not how it works, we all have the same "blueprint". Malformations aside, our eyes see the same shit. If you wanted to see different same colors (what) you'd have to transplant brain parts … that would not function properly in the first place. Or color blind eyes.

  9. If my yellow was your black and my white is your black as well yellow and white would not go together at all so if the way we see colour is different people wouldnt be able to see or enjoy certain colour combinations

  10. I like how some acts like chipsa forced the offer to happen or something… He got it and took it… Just because its chipsa he doesn't deserve it? Hes literally the best doomfist and a really good fuckin genji and an ok mccree… Yea others couldve got it too but he was the lucky winner.

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