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how did you make it down here… did you sub yet? k cool thanks. love you

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23 thoughts on “Donating $100 To The MOST Underrated Streamers on Twitch! (Apex Legends PS4)

  1. Yooo that's what's up bruh! Keep killin' it Kobi with the give backs bruh. It means a lot that you remember what its like starting off and are willing to give back.

  2. buy some gear and support kobi everyone! he deserves it. the guy works hard and keeps it real and its obvious that he genuinely appreciates his fans! Kobi the GOAT!

  3. youre the best kobi. its so obvious how real and truly genuine of a guy you really are. most streamers who find the success that you have over the past few months are so much more generic and im sure all of your fans appreciate your ability to both dominate an apex game and stay so down to earth at the same time. you are clearly a great dude and it shows through in all of your uploads. love your attitude and style brother. stay exactly how you are man. nothing but love homie. p.s. – F all the haters who give you shit about rocking the 99wing, 99PK combos, theres a reason the best players rock these set ups more often than not, and if your fans cant be satisfied with your countless videosgames that you upload with these loadouts than why the f are they even watching any apex players beasting out in the first place? get a clue ya clowns…kobi's the GOAT…

  4. Yo this is what the community needs. Not just the gamer community but the gamer community. We need more bigger streams to get out there and copy your fine example. Keep up the good shit bro.

  5. Kobi.. just amazing!
    This video really made my hard working day!
    Thank you for the pleasure you gave me, to watch this video.

    Good intent, good vibes makes a special fan base!

    You were the M A N

  6. I'm watching this while doing other stuff with headphones and at 22:45 I literally paused this and went to go check the door…

  7. Kobi, your truly an inspiration, I’ve been a fan of yours since apex came out. I love the videos bro keep them coming 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

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