LOS 1s and 2s video here :

The new TinyHawk S from Emax now allows for a 2s battery to be used and is more refined overall. Quite impressed with its performance, and indoors on 1s is a lot of fun.

Available from Emax :
Available from Banggood :

2019 5inch Race Setup!

[Frame] – SethPV neXus :
[Motors] – Brother Hobby 2207 1750kv :
[ESC] – PyroDrone 4in1 :
[FC] – Synergy F4 :
[VTX] – TBS Unify Pro V3 :
[Antenna] – Foxeer Lollipop 3 :
[Props] – Gemfan 5149.9 :
[RX] – TBS CRSF Nano :
[FPV Cam] Foxeer Micro Predator V4 :
[Battery] – Tattu V3.0 6s 1300 :
[LEDs] – TinysLEDs :
[Goggles] – Aomway Commanders :
[Video RX] – Iftron Clearview :
[Radio] – FrSky Taranis :
[Gimbals] – FrSky M9 :
[FPV Backpack] – ThinkTank Helipack :
[Tape] – Super Thin VHB :

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22 thoughts on “Emax TinyHawk S Review : 1s Beginner Quad and 2s Beast!

  1. What about flying this 2s indoors? Im getting this and i want to switch to the xt30 connector, so I wanna know if 2s is flyable if i cut the throttle?

  2. I am having a lot of trouble deciding between buying the advanced package for the eachine qx65, or splurging a bit more to buy this quad. This one has more versatility being able to fly indoors and outdoors but the eachine qx65 is cheaper and comes with way more batteries :/

  3. Great tour of your house, both inside and outside, looks like a great little quad, pity I’ve only got a spectrum radio, otherwise I’d get it. I’m in Australia and the prices over here are ridiculously expensive. But on a great note, I’m getting an iflight turbo bee, which is way more than I’m used to, but looking forward to the challenge of getting it zooming around the area. Good review of that little beast, and as per usual great flying.

  4. That’s pretty awesome 😊
    Like it when you review the micros
    I saw that big X class Rig lol That’s pretty crazy 💪

  5. Biggest issue I've seen at micro races with the tiny hawk was the vtx. Constant channel bleeding, and even SA failure. Any idea if these issues have been addressed?

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