23 thoughts on “Esports Awards 2019

  1. I'm sorry? Scrub didn't get rookie of the year? "Players who had a tremendous impact…" Motherfucker won a major tournament beating one of the best teams RL has ever seen. I'm NA all the way, but come on guys. At least they had some sense an gave Richard the award. Slogging his way through garbage for years to keep the trash out of eSports. Love that man to death.

  2. Mini shouldn’t have gotten that award. His content isn’t even that good anymore. He would’ve been a better fit in personality of the year with his tour and stuff.

  3. I hope for next year they add like a audience stand… because the energy in there is so horrible for this event. People on their phones and a whole bunch of old people still saying "this isnt a sport"

  4. Mini ladd should bot have won content creator of the year he already had won too many awards and shit give others a fucking a chance.

  5. i wish they gave more detail instead of saying the names for 3rd 2nd and 1rst. kinda felt rushed. like saying a few words about them, doesnt need to be alot. like instead of 3rd place: valve. you could say, “In 3rd place, the org that brought us L4D and CSGO and paved the way for first person shooters.” (or instead of that, whatever happened in 2019 that made people vote for them) valve.
    in second place, the developers of a battle royale that has introduced millions to the esports community, epic games.
    and lastly, in first place, a very special team that has played a crucial role in developing one of the fastest growing esports. a developer that has created a vast community in the last decade, you may know them, as riot games!
    also, introduce the people who are presenting the awards. some of these people i dont even know. and their relevance could create more hype.
    and maybe for the esports play of the year, play the entire play out for the audience lol

  6. Miniladd won and terrizer got third? Everyone is drunk off there A$$ mini would not have been where he is if it wasn't for the Vanoss crew

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