Evidence-based medicine may ironically bias medical professionals against the power of dietary intervention.

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This is one of my favorite videos of the year so far. If you’re not familiar with Dr. Esselstyn’s work, I touch on it in:
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If you haven’t heard of Pritikin, I introduce him here: Engineering a Cure (
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Since this video came out in 2014, I published that series on Dr. Kempner’s work:
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And a recent series on lifestyle medicine program that draws its inspiration of these pioneers:
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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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37 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Evidence-Based Medicine or Evidence-Biased?

  1. I had been at people to change they are stoopied end of.anyway I've created 4real.products magic potion pills Oxo cubes sprays and powers and I've got 2 simple guide books I've spent a lot of time and cash and I have gave it away just waiting for the results as I've created a 6 week blood walk program were they flood blood with only good for 6 wks every day in till there made of my shit it. Is the name for 1 cure then fax ez 2 then 3 is fen of and barleybs for bone s haha it's my job 2 3 and 4 do

  2. If a vegan diet do that in 21 days, fasting would do it in even shorter time. The net effect of a plant based diet is always oxidative stress, so dont come and tell me its the antioxidants. Antioxdiants in food is a joke. Your own body creates the real powerful anti-oxidants like SOD and glutathione (and no, supplementation doesnt work).

  3. "Yet, physicians in the US are still busily staffing the ambulances at the bottom of the cliff instead of building fences at the top."

  4. That final statement says it all. Prevention is so important! Here in Australia recently they budgeted millions for heart disease research. Why? We know when people eat healthier, lose weight and move their butt, their condition improves and many get off their medication.

    It’s such an unnecessary waste of tax payers’ dollars. You can bet that the research money is for a synthetic symptom cover up drug with side effects.

    They should have put some of that money towards prevention awareness campaigns and getting people off the couch, off the processed foods, off the over reliance on medications, and managing their stress better!

  5. How is Ecmo Medicine ? It's not a Pill?

    I wonder ? Should I buy this double blind tested apple ? Don't want to stay hungry when I go celebrate stupidity XD

  6. Dr Greger is questioned by VegSource about what a hell he is talking about regarding the DHA recommendations. Check out the latest video from VegSource "Do Vegans Need DHA Supplements" . Warning: You may lose faith in Dr Greger

  7. Potato Strong, a vegan that promotes Dr. McDougall's starch program, is having a fundraiser for his wife. She is ill, and they need our support. Here is the link if you can help: https://www.gofundme.com/vhpm4-bonnie039s-medical-expenses

  8. That's why I'm organizing a NutritionFacts oficial presentation at my local school. After that I plant to show the material to the medical team of our primary care center. Cherrs from Chile Dr. Greger, you are the best! <3

  9. I was a vegan for 1 year and stuck to high protein vegan diet and heavy weight lifting, and did not put any muscle. I will have to go back to eating meat to see If I can put on muscle. Any recommendations?

  10. We keep seeing that same image from the early 90's. Nothing since? You would think such remarkable reversals would be world headlines. Where's the subsequent success image results?

  11. But Dr. Greger, you have said you refuse to make any recommendation that does not have a RCT behind it (e.g. nuts). The most important public health crusade (against smoking) also had no RCT. But the dataset, even the first one researchers drafted, was preposterously clear.

  12. Not only do most doctors not understand nutrition, they also don't understand statistics, and would struggle to make sense of even the simplest medical research paper. It's hardly surprising that they are so incompetent.

  13. Drugs that hardly work, with a huge list of sometimes even more dangerous side-effects than the symptom they treat or eating only whole plant-foods, what an extreme difficult choice…

  14. Thanks, that's very important. Could you do another review on the dismissal of epidemiology-association evidence? It seems to me that the likelihood of no-causation when a correlation is found, is low, and so we should not be quick to dismiss association evidence.

  15. Thank you for this explanation. Now I understand why so many doctors keep on saying that there isn't clear enough evidence to support a plant based diet.

  16. How come diet therapy is called an alternative medicine when the word alternative means to alter native which means to change nature that directly points to synthetic medicine🤷🏾‍♂️

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