Frist Senna Pentakill, Streamers Try New Champion | LoL Epic Moments #495
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48 thoughts on “Frist Senna Pentakill, Streamers Try New Champion | LoL Epic Moments #495

  1. To all thresh main ty for saving us to gameplay and also lores but somewhat way you fail to save us now that you've freed the beast

  2. Even if senna is unbalanced idc I just like the idea rito is giving love to supports this season as a thresh main. it's quite ironic huh because of sennas lore and all

  3. I love how u can choose between support and "adc" with senna.
    Ap with shield and heal power = support
    Ad with support items = kill steals
    Ad no supp items = nuclear explosions with ult and an auto attack range of 700-750
    Ap no supp items = int/troll, if u see this kind of person ( if u see his/her match history on op.gg), dodge the fuckin game.

  4. To everyone complaining. Please stop compared to the likes of veigar, nasus, and most mages in the game senna isn't that "broken"

  5. Có gì đâu mà ung thư.. cứ tưởng tượng đây là ulti lux thôi :v . Có điều nó rộng và all map thôi

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