The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital deal with life-or-death consequences on a daily basis-it’s in one another that they find comfort, friendship and, at times, more than friendship. Together they’re discovering that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white. Real life only comes in shades of grey. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Grey’s Anatomy season 16 promos in HD!

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» Watch Grey’s Anatomy Thursdays at 8:00pm on ABC
» Starring: Ellen Pompeo, Kevin McKidd, Kim Raver, Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers, Jesse Williams, Camilla Luddington

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31 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 Trailer (HD)

  1. I mentally moved away from Greys anatomy when Meredith Almost died somewhere back in season what 4,5, 6??? I don’t know came back again to learn about Derek’s death and that was it for me…. just came across this to see if anything will draw me back

  2. I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy before. It’s 2019 do I have to start from season 1 to enjoy the show? If not what season should I start at?

  3. I've started finding Bailey annoying after first few seasons. God she is soo Judgmental. She herself has created and been in mess so many times but god forbid someone else does. I hate her for being so judgy.

  4. I just watched a re run from 2008. Apparently the writers forgot that Bailey committed fraud on an insurance company in one of the episodes. Ok for her but not OK for the three she fired.

  5. I have been a huge, loyal, patient fan-addict, that's rite a huge addicted fan!!!!! I'm done
    So sick of Meredith getting away with everything, btw, ant stand DeLuca, Bailey went from awesome to annoying and Amelia is only happy if she's miserable, who creates it herself. Seriously. R u kidding me Joe. If this was real life. I'd tell Alex to run, run as far away as he can from that now horrific state!!! I thought they might go out with a bang but they've killed anyone good (def including

  6. That season gonna be like shit. Please Shonda Rhimes GET BETTER, I wanna see something that makes me cry and laugh out, not sleep!!!!!

  7. The positive comment you are (maybe) searching for:
    HYPE🔥 Love this show so much, and yeah its annoying that Meredith lost her job (again) and Alex wife is crazy (again) and Owen left Amelia (again) (my baby deserves something better than owen) and, yeah, most of you don’t like Maggie and Jackson together, but it is GREYS ANATOMY! Be thankful that there is a new season and stop crying like a baby…
    This season will be LIT AF just because IT IS GREYS🔥


  8. 1. jackson and maggie is just blah. was maggie seriously pissed off at jackson for SAVING 2 PEOPLE! "you left me alone in the car!" BOO-FUCKING-HOO YOU IMBECILE! like, fucking srsly =_= fine, you were afraid for him, but after? when you saw that he didn't just abandon you and that he didn't die, are you seriously mad at him for saving their lives?!?!?!? what is wrong with you ;/
    2. owen and teddy. meh.
    3. alex needs a break, srsly.
    4. bailey is annoying as fuck now. she cannot fire people who partially own the goddamn hospital she works at!! what the actual fuck. and catherine yelling at bailey. yelling at her now is moot. she should have put her put down when it happened and let them keep their jobs.

    i love the show, but it's starting to piss me off. i used to watch it as soon as it came out or at the latest, the next morning. now, i had to MAKE myself watch it 3 days later ;/

  9. Só eu que preferia a primeira equipe? A série pra mim perdeu toda a graça da 5 temporada pra la os personagens que nos fazia chora ir rir ao msm tempo tudo morreu afss 💔

  10. Guys I totally understand why ya hate Maggie. She never annoyed me more then she does now. Just finished watching episode 1

  11. Can we get April, Callie, Arizona, and Christina back?! The rest are dead so not happening but please bring these 4 back!!! Greys is just not good anymore!

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