Harbleu I’ve Seen Chipsa Do This! – Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 691

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46 thoughts on “Harbleu I’ve Seen Chipsa Do This! – Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 691

  1. Day 2? Of asking nut if he feels bad for yoinking noobhunters last clip thing in the beginning and taking all te credit for it

  2. Chipsa dies: “How is this hero anywhere close to balanced?”

    Chipsa solo kills the whole enemy team: Doom is pretty weak. Widow is broken.

  3. Best thing about Role Queue: Seeing DPS gods like Kephrii pop off on tank and support and show that it is actually fun to their huge follow base x

  4. 4:46 yup that's some retarded excuse to be toxic, calling your teammates bad only lowers your chances of winning the game

  5. lol i like how people somehow don’t believe chipsa actually is really unlucky. People make fun of of it but would be saying the same shit in his situation

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