Switches and buttons are great way to control your smart home on the fly and they certainly make the transition easier for those who may not be as stoked on home automation as you. In this video, we take a deeper look at the Phillips Hue Tap switch, set it up, look at what we can do with it in the Hue app and Apple’s Home app, and then give you our opinion on it.

Phillips Hue Tap switch on Amazon:

We also wrote a quick blog review at

We also made a short video on the reset process for the Phillips Hue Tap at

Button Automations using third-party HomeKit apps:
Phillips Hue scenes in HomeKit:

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2 thoughts on “HomeKit Product Review: Phillips Hue Tap switch

  1. Found the tap switch very cheap feeling. And found it very unreliable. After configuring with home kit, 1 out of 3 buttons actually worked / did what I wanted it to. Not reliable at all, and definitely not worth $40

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