How Not To Kill A Lucio! – Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 690

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44 thoughts on “How Not To Kill A Lucio! – Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 690

  1. Jay3 is so fuckin awful if he wasn’t pc he wouldn’t be too 500 on Xbox he’d be like masters probably diamond realistically

  2. Dear Mr. Clean Balls, is Chipsa the least gullible person in the world? I'm asking because I regularly hear him say "I Cant Believe That"

  3. Me: Sees episode number
    Me: Nice

    Me 10 Seconds later
    "Wait, for the next ten days the episodes will have number 69"

    N I C E

  4. I'm surprised Jay3 didn't lose his mind or actually go insane from that Lucio. I'd do some regrettable things to everything around me

  5. Mr nuts Are you smart and if you could have any power what would it be and why (srry for long question)

  6. Dude my friend is my bestfriend and he doesnt acknowldge what i do for him but he always ignores when i msg him and he aways says your annoying even though i barley text him what should i do?

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