How we made Fortnite Streamers Laugh

1 year of grinding, 1 year of editing, 1 year of laughter… and it’s all about the later. We started this to escape the corporate world, we wanted to make a living of something we liked without hurting others. We wanted to bring on a smile, a laugh, a giggle.. if we have done that the past year, them mission accomplished. This was all in one year, hopefully many years of laughter to come. Love you all.

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49 thoughts on “How we made Fortnite Streamers LAUGH !!

  1. Surprised the clip of PK wasn’t in here talking about the “abusive relationship” nonetheless love you grumbae. Vids are grade A.

  2. Grambae,I have a idea choose someone in the comments who uploads about fortnite and make a video about him

    Pick someone who's actually good

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