21 thoughts on “I Donated to a Streamer and she SOLD me her Rare Fortnite account..

  1. I want the account because all my friends make fun of me, because i have bad skins and thay have better skins and more skins . I did watch to the end .my non good account is could brk.Nate.

  2. Pls can I win the acc I share an acc with my brother on the same Xbox but I recently got a new Xbox and new acc and my mam won’t buy me any skins and my friends r making fun coz I’m a default so pls can I win I use code quiff and subbed with post notifications on 💓

  3. My account got recently hacked and I would love that account because I have no skins now plezzzz i’m subes i liked and post notys

  4. I would love this account❤️ I use to have an account but I got scammed when I was trying to trade. As you can tell in my couple recent videos the only skins I have now are the defaults. I would greatly appreciate if u put me in for consideration.🙏

    And yes I did watch all the way through and keep up these videos they’re fire (OMG KRAKEN)

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