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37 thoughts on “IRL Streamer + Driving: Not a Good Match

  1. I hope she gets in a horrible car accident and goes flying through the front window of the car while it’s all being filmed on twitch

  2. You can see she is isnt even going remotely fast, maybe stuck in trafic i dont now memology i think u are over reacion a lot recently

  3. She should behead a cat and piss on it, that'll get her many views on Twitch and Twitch would gladly put her on the frontpage!

    Twitch Staff approves of animal abuse, they hate cats in particular.

  4. It's not so much the terms of service of twitch that's the issue, it's the double standards and lack of enforcement slash irrational enforcement of these rules that's the issue with twitch

  5. Well in my state it doesn't matter what reason you kill somebody behind the wheel, if they can prove that you are distracted it's just as bad as being drunk

    Everyone stay safe from the alcoholics. They're going to be out in force this weekend

  6. I hope people like her get to a accident and only get hurt. I was glad when Boogie car was totaled. I want no one to get hurt but people don't learn.

  7. I hate to think this way. Should we be telling those who text & drive to stop, if you are dumb enough to do it in the first place maybe you should face the consequences of such stupidity. Another way of thinning out the herd, cutting off the fat. Than again, they could kill children & those who don't text & drive.

  8. I really wish gov would place rules on car makers to install a jammer into their vehicles to stop the low iq peeps from endangering others.

  9. She deserves to have her car impounded and her license revoked.
    Max fees and time to get it all back. She will kill someone one day and she will not feel any guilt.

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