IRL Streamer EBZ Admits That He Will Falsely Takedown My Video During a Stream

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49 thoughts on “IRL Streamer EBZ Admits That He Will Falsely Takedown My Video During a Stream

  1. The "im not the only one" is excuse for children
    He is a grown ass adult, road accidents happen everyday but that doesn't mean your actions justified

  2. It's never EBZ's fsult in his mind lol he'll talk in circles then just start getting angry abd yelling over you like hes gonna fight you lol. Keep up the vids 👍

  3. Not the only one that has done it? Yeah, sure, can't argue with that. I also can't argue with the fact that all of these lads have been punished, and so should you, fam.

  4. Meh. This seems like snitching on an innocent person.

    If he was “recklessly driving” on some law breaking ish, then show it up front plz.

    Without evidence, this is just a baseless accusation, snitching on an innocent person who hurt no one.

    His actions hurt no one and was not stopped by the real police at the time.

    He ALMOST hit someone from not keeping his eyes on the road. That is not a crime, it’s just poor driving.

    It’s best can holla at him 1v1 and tell him wassup on the low. After that fails, then a video.

    Flagged for poor driving? That ain’t Christ-like.

  5. Anyone want me to make a gofundme to recreate the curbstomp scene from American History X with this piece of shit? Because I'm down to make this fat headed degenerate look like a pez-dispenser.

  6. The only problem is that he's black and Twitch goes of it's way to protect minorities just like it does for gay people and women.

    I've never even heard of this guy TBH.

  7. "This is a conversation we need to have"
    "I'm gonna strike this person"

    Doesn't sound at all like a conversation, my dude. Just sounds like you're trying to silence someone instead of actually having a conversation?

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