27 thoughts on “Killing Twitch Streamers With Their Reaction! (PS4 Apex Legends)

  1. Ttv: he’s number 1 OC. he’s a really good player. He’s got 200 IQ plays
    Puffer: instantly wipes squad
    Ttv: THE FUCK?

    What was he expecting? 😂

  2. Never put TTV in your name. Because you'll be humiliated by puffer. If you see pufferfish in your kill feed shut the stream off immediately. He's coming for you. 😂😂

  3. Good vid! But i wouldve waited till u got better responses just so its a bit better content, but other than that i enjoyed haha gg's mate

  4. The ending of the fight starting at 3:25 : "Fucking Puffer…..I didn't stand a chance…..but now at least we get to watch them" 😂🤘 What a champ, it cracked me up 😀

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