A look at LEGO’s latest nano-scaled landmark model, from someone who’s a fan or the brand, but knew nothing of this set’s subject matter before digging into the build.

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22 thoughts on “LEGO Architecture Trafalgar Square review! 21045

  1. I don't know but the build of the staircases with the 1x2x1 or 1x4x1 panels loosely lying on top of each other seems like an illegal building technique to me. The finished area looks good though.

  2. I love these architecture sets. I wish they would stop doing the city skyline sets and just do these sorts. Good to see London traffic being represented as nothing but black cabs and double decker buses.

  3. I had exactly the same spare parts, including the two white brackets.

    But isn't there an error in the building instructions at step 112?

  4. The space where is egg is will eventually have a statue of queen Elizabeth II after she dies. (found that out when I did the bus tour).

  5. Probably one of the best architecture set they did so far besides the skylines. I'm waiting for a descent version of Big Ben

  6. The idea of having people is an interesting thought, but ultimately I think it is perfect without. It is the architecture theme after all and I think it's showing exactly what it should be showing.

  7. Yes Admiral Horatio Nelson won the Battle of Trafalgar (this the Square's name) and his ship was the Victory. I love the Double Decker Buses.

  8. The real life Trafalgar Square is my favorite place in London. This set looks perfect and in my opinion it’s one of the best Lego architecture sets❤️

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