Looking Back At Season 1 Overwatch! – Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 689

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40 thoughts on “Looking Back At Season 1 Overwatch! – Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 689

  1. Fresh noot. Instead of reading comments all the time . U can do a guess my SR type thing. This can also be like a weekly thing

  2. There are so many OW streamers that know you, you should do a montage of them doing reactions of season 1 or something they all relate too, I’m pretty sure they would help if you reached out. We’ll back you up!!

  3. Netherlands? :oo
    Cool, In another time line I could’ve met freshnuts in a way since he didn’t start his channel in that one- b-but ou get me

  4. On board with harblue on that. Haven't really played overwatch since the 2-2-2 force came out but that's because it fucks up how me and my friends usually like to play the game. That, and none of us really liked the shield meta and having to deal with doomfist, mei and/or reaper every game.

  5. Level one: Using shatter to get a bug of jay3

    Level two: Using meteorstrike to get a bug of jay3

    Level three: Using grav and nanoboosted dragonstrike to get a bug of jay3

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